Lidl is the first retailer of fresh fish in Finland to secure their cold chains with smart labels.

Press release, March 6, 2018
Lidl is the first retailer of fresh fish in Finland to secure their cold chains with smart labels.
Quality assurance is done by the technology of the Swedish company Tempix. The smart labels will monitor the quality of the cold chain, make it more transparent and easier to control. In the near future, Lidl’s own brand will use these labels on all its fresh fish products.
The labels containing a small amount of liquid are located next to the barcode. The liquid reacts to temperature changes and if the product has been in a too warm temperature for too long the liquid destroys the barcode.
-The bar code becomes unreadable for our cash registers and does not approve the product being sold if the cold chain has been broken, explains Thomas Heinrichs, chief of Lidl purchasing department.
Lidl is the first Finnish fish retailer to introduce smart labels on its fish products. Heinrichs tells us that Lidl wants to increase product safety and make the cold chain easier to follow.
-Packaged fish is a safer choice compared than fish purchased from the fish dish as packaged fish are protected from impurities throughout the supply chain. The final day of consumption is clearly marked. With these smart labels, consumers can also be sure that the cold chain is unbroken, says Heinrichs.
Fresh salmon fillet of Lidl’s own ”Isokari” brand was the first product to be equipped with Tempix smart labels. Next up is ”Isokari smoked salmon” and ”Isokari sliced”.
-Our goal is to equip the majority of the fish products from Isokari with the Tempix smart labels before the end of this year, Heinrichs says.
Customers can recognize products equipped with the technology, from the small extra label besides the barcode and from the more visible ”Kylmää kyytiä kalallesi” (Cold Trip for the Fish) label.
-This is just the beginning and in future we are probably going to see a lot of smart solutions which are going to benefit our customers, continues Heinrichs.
For more information: PR Contact Anna Rissanen, Lidl Finland Ky, tel (09) 2345 6400, media@lidl.fi.
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