Lidl Finland is the first retailer to secure their cold chains


Lidl with 172 stores in Finland is now launching Tempix technology throughout their own fresh fish brand called ISOKARI. Full implementation will be carried out before the end of this year.

– Tempix is about food safety to the masses. Billions of smart labels constantly monitoring the temperature on every single package out there. This is Tempix vision. I’m both happy and proud that we have now reached this historic milestone together with Lidl. Let’s realize and announce that this is a result of many years persistent and hard work performed by many stakeholders, Marko Arola, the CEO of Tempix states.

– We looked at the retailers in the Nordic region and discovered the excellent cold chain work done by Lidl Finland.

– Tempix smart labels never sleeps and detects temperature abuse on every single package, Arola continues. It is around 1,5 years back we started monitoring ISOKARI salmon fillets with a neutral unprinted smart label and the results were impressive from day one. Their centralized supply chain structure and temperatures in both refrigerators and freezers are kept at a very low and safe level in their stores. They are also stacking their packages at a limited height which keeps the products properly cooled inside the refrigerators. Their consistent store infrastructure with lid covered fridges and standardized cold chain routines made them our preferred forerunner.

– Lidl Finland deserves all the credit they can get because Tempix smart label makes it impossible to sell the products if there is not enough “cold chain time” left for the consumers’ home journey from the shop. This is what true food safety means to me as a consumer, Arola concludes.

Tempix is a Swedish privately-owned company based in Gävle Sweden. Tempix has an awarded packaging technology (Scanstar 2012, World star 2013 winner). Tempix has a worldwide patented solution for securing the cold chains for food, pharmaceuticals and other products. The Tempix system includes a temperature sensitive smart label that can be used on consumer or transport packages. The settings of the label can be tailor made depending on the specific requirements of different products.

Angelica Ström
Business Administration, Tempix AB, Gävle Sweden