About Tempix

Tempix AB works with the patented temperature indicator for frozen and refrigerated products. The indicator was created by innovator Henry Norrby and former HVAC engineer and ICA dealer Mats Nygårdh. In 2002, they founded Tempix together with lawyer Thomas Öberg and businessman Jon Halvarsson.

About Tempix

Together with its partners, Tempix has developed a complete system and product offer for applying the temperature indicator to food products. Read more about what Tempix can offer, here. The Tempix head office is located in Gävle, and we also have an office in Järvsö. The company is managed today by the CEO, Marko Arola.

Tempix employees

Board of Directors

  • Jon Halvarsson – Chairman of the Board
  • Erik Sandström – Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Yngve Persson- Member of the Board
  • Marko Arola – CEO


The Tempix temperature indicator was partially produced in conjunction with various industry players. Our partners have contributed with specialised knowledge that has made the Tempix temperature indicator a unique product in the market.


Kanzan is one of the world’s leading paper manufacturers and cooperates with Tempix in the area of thermo-paper.  www.kanzan.de


Innventia is one of the world’s leading R&D companies in the areas of paper, packaging and graphic media. www.innventia.com


Marel is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of applications/labelling. www.marel.com


Mectec has been one of the leaders in the industrial markings/labelling market since the mid-1980s. www.mectec.se

Tempix products and services

Tempix products and services

The company has a full business offering range suited to food producers that includes consultancy, servicing, installation, testing and delivery of applications equipment for the Tempix temperature indicator. The system is thoroughly tested and protected by several patents. The temperature indicator is based on simple and environmentally friendly technology that benefits everyone, from producers and transporters through to shops and customers. Read more by clicking on the Refrigeration Chain tab.

If you are interested in using the label for one of your company’s products, please contact Marko Arola the CEO, to set up a meeting and receive more information about Tempix’s complete package offerings with consultancy, application equipment, installation and servicing. We will then be able to create a tailor made solution to suit your company’s needs.


fredag 18 december, 2015

Tempix launched in five new countries

We are very proud to announce that agency agreement have been signed with Voyager Venture PTE Ltd in Singapore for the Asian countries of Singapore,... Läs mer

tisdag 6 oktober, 2015

Tempix at Scanpack exhibition

Please, come and experience Tempix labels going off and revealing temperature abuse at Scanpack in Gothenburg 20-23 October. We have found a good spot at... Läs mer

tisdag 6 oktober, 2015

Tempix in Australia and New Zealand

Agreements has been signed in Australia and New Zealand with WRH Global. Daniel Faesser, Adam Newman, Glenn Ohlsen, Rob Douglas and Ian Martin are launching Tempix in... Läs mer

tisdag 6 oktober, 2015

Tempix agency in South Africa

  Tempix in South Africa is operated by Jared Petersson at Gerber Paper. Please contact him for getting Tempix patented and awarded technology running in... Läs mer

tisdag 6 oktober, 2015

Tempix in South Africa

We present Jared Petersson at Gerber Paper in South Africa running Tempix in South Africa. Please, follow the below link to get in touch with... Gerber Paper

torsdag 29 september, 2011

How it all started

The innovative temperature indicator was invented by Henry Norrby in collaboration with Mats Nygårdh. Together, they founded Tempix in 2002. The company has established partnerships... More about Tempix

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